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Emotional consuming. Compulsive ingesting. Binge Eating.

Call it what you need, but I called it my deepest, darkest secret that I in no way told everyone approximately…

Does any of this sound acquainted to you?

As soon as the clock struck noon, I was already out the door and headed to my car. It had been some other horrific day at work and I struggled to fight again the tears as I started my car.

I pulled out of the parking garage and headed toward the simplest region I knew that could ease my pain: a quick food region. I pulled up to the drive-thru and placed my order holding a piece of paper in my hands, just in case there has been every person watching.

I mean, after all, I wouldn’t want every person to suppose that I changed into ordering all of this food for just myself. After I placed my order, I drove as much as the window to pay. As the girl surpassed me the bags, I pretended to test off the gadgets on the fake listing I had created just moments before.


After I paid, I drove to the far stop of the parking zone in which no other automobiles parked, and I started out to eat. And eat. And consume.

Before I realized it, I had ate up all 4 meals.

Stop Binge Eating Now

Does Any of This Sound Familiar To You?

I used to be someone that knew all the empty and secluded parking plenty to sit and devour so that no person may want to see how an awful lot meals I changed into virtually consuming.
I used to be a person that ordered many various things from extraordinary fast food places, while pretending to be on my cellular cellphone putting orders for other humans, except myself.
I used to be a person that threw away the evidence (meals wrappers) in exceptional locations so that no person could find out.
I used to be someone that made myself feel better by ingesting.
I used to be a person that celebrated happiness by consuming, however I also ate any time that I felt terrible or when something went wrong.
I used to be a person that hated myself for my behavior, however I didn’t understand how to stop and manage it.
I used to be a person that idea something changed into incorrect with me and that I was the most effective one with this problem.
I used to be someone that had Binge Eating Disorder.
Yes. That changed into me. I used to be all of the above.

Do You Constantly Feel Like Something is Wrong With You And Use Food To Ease The Pain?

If you’re something like how I become, then you may be struggling to discover why you are like this. And even if you realize the solution, the next conflict starts offevolved with how to triumph over your binge eating.

Luckily, I documented my journey and researched like crazy in hopes to help humans like you no longer most effective overcome binge eating, but also become a miles stronger character emotionally.

You see, when I started, I desired answers. Why become I like this? Is there a cure? How did this happen? Why me?

I read every unmarried e-book that I may want to find on “Binge Eating Disorder” and “meals addiction” and “compulsive overeating”.

I examine or sifted thru every other few hundred books. I sifted through hundreds of web sites. I printed off over 1000 pages of information.

And the extra I examine, the more burdened and off-track I became, which most effective lead me to binge devour even extra. This painful cycle became killing me. Literally. But I simply couldn’t stop myself.

One of the best things that saved me going was understanding that I wasn’t the handiest one. I become amazed to find out that there have been so many other human beings that had Binge Eating Disorder.

Who had been they?

Where were they?

I started out playing with the mind of finding others that I could communicate to approximately our battle.

All of the studying and research I was doing made me even extra pressured.

I turned into trapped in an infinite circle where compulsive overeating fed on my lifestyles. All of the documentation that I located out there was written by docs and researchers who studied eating disorders.

Some referred to as it “B.E.D.” which became for Binge Eating Disorder, others called it “Compulsive Overeating“, and I saw many mentions of the term “Emotional Eating“.

In some books or web sites I might research that Binge Eating Disorder changed into an addiction, while any other stated that it wasn’t.

Some websites advised me to observe the twelve-step system utilized by alcoholics to conquer binge ingesting disease. Yet, others advised me that I could need to be given that this is how I became and to simply find ways to stay with it. Um, seriously?

Live with it?

LIVE WITH IT?! Doesn’t anyone have a clue on how lots this eating disorder turned into ingesting my life?

It’s like a nightmare that simply won’t move away.

Stop Binge Eating Now

Are You Ready To Finally End Your Private Binge Eating Nightmare Like I Was?

By this point I turned into determined to find a answer for my emotional eating.

Too many years had already handed that I let my binge consuming control my existence. From now not going out to lunch with coworkers so I could binge consume to crying due to the fact I wasn’t able to forestall myself irrespective of how a great deal I tried.

Not one character changed into aware about this horror that I lived with every single day. No one in my own family or maybe my boyfriend knew that I become residing this double life. But it had to stop.Not best that, I had but to allow every body into my secret world.

Weight turned into piling on, which simplest made me upset, which in turn lead me to devour more food.

I did emerge as seeing a therapist, which allowed me to affirm that I had binge consuming disease and study what a number of the foundation causes had been.

But I become nevertheless left to try to determine this whole element out myself. Is it curable? Will I be like this forever? I actually dove in head-first and devoted my existence to finding a solution to overcome binge ingesting sickness once and for all.

Finally, after limitless months of searching, I commenced to look a mild at the give up of the tunnel… A mild that proved to be the answer that I and people such as you are looking for.

That light proved to be the give up of Binge Eating Disorder once and for all.

Yes, there truly is a way to prevent binge ingesting once and for all and to start living your lifestyles on your personal terms! And I had in the end determined it.

But I ought to admit, if it wasn’t for the help of my boyfriend, I might have in no way observed the answer that I was desperately looking for.

You see, despite the fact that he didn’t recognize the solution, he had given me a direction to head in. As I journeyed in the route, I started to make a route.

And it became on that course that I subsequently located the answer. And now you will have whole access to my journey, the research I compiled, and then…

Yes, You Can Overcome Binge Eating And Start Living An Amazing Life That’s Not Controlled By Food Any Longer!
I recognise first-hand how lonely binge consuming disorder is. I recognise how tough it’s far to locate others to confide in.

It became whilst I become on the road to restoration that I vowed to myself to help as many people as feasible cease their compulsive consuming ailment and food addiction. People just like you.

And that’s wherein the actual challenge commenced. The decision to head public with my “problem” was no longer an smooth one for me. I felt a variety of worry.

After all, I kept this secret world of mine hidden for thus long. But the passion to assist other human beings like you driven me to conquer this fear and the decision to write down this eBook on How to Overcome Binge Eating Disorder turned into born.

I spent extra than thirteen months gaining knowledge of and documenting Binge Eating Disorder for this eBook.

I uncovered many disturbing statistics about Binge Eating Disorder in my studies. I found many tales approximately humans just like you and me who were struggling to overcome this nightmare.

There are limitless people who battle with binge ingesting – and you’d never even recognise it.

Some humans are able hold a somewhat healthy weight, but war with the psychological side of this consuming disorder.

There are folks who are 130, 220, 350, 460, even over 500 kilos wherein binge eating has taken whole manipulate over their lives.

There are men, lady, and yes, even kids who be afflicted by binge eating.

The bottom line is that this consuming sickness effects such a lot of people, however nearly everyone (such as me) maintain their binge eating a secret. There is no manner of actually understanding precisely how many people be afflicted by this disorder.

For example, at the same time as I was in excessive school, I became a very lively cheerleader. Although I maintained a healthy weight all via excessive school, binge eating consumed my life.

No one ever knew about my “secret” lifestyles that I hid in the back of closed doors.

So whilst researching binge consuming disorder, I quickly discovered that there had been quite a few guarantees out there. But nothing without a doubt hit the nail on the pinnacle as some distance as what it genuinely takes to overcome Binge Eating Disorder.

Nothing… till now.

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