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Life’s about change and nothing ever stays the same: Ridhi Panwar –
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Life’s about change and nothing ever stays the same: Ridhi Panwar –


Meteor Showers

Switching off our phones and turning to the sky to gaze at the stars instead of our screens can also be considered a change, writes guest columnist Ridhi Panwar. Dennis Timmons/

By Guest columnist,

Guest columnist Ridhi Panwar writes about emotions and human interaction with nature and one another. Her work has been published in magazines regarding the same and has been lauded with appreciation by audiences of all ages.

Change is beautiful. How many of you agree?

Sometimes we get scared or excited by change, and sometimes we just can’t decide. But change is inevitable, and we all go through it at some point or another. How we deal with it tells a lot about us.

It can be thrilling and nerve-wracking; some changes can even leave us wondering what exactly changed!

From altering our daily habits to switching our shampoo, change affects everything. Our opinion, mindset, perspective and feedback mechanism change with each change we perceive.

Here are some things we might need to think about changing our reaction to:

Criticism — how well do we take it? Who wants to hear bad things about themselves? This is how most of us think about criticism. But is criticism all bad? You are smart enough to know the answer.

Appreciation — we all crave it, don’t we? For once, change this mindset and don’t work for that validation; instead, work because you have to and because you want to.

Emotions — express them, but not in an overwhelming way. Feeling overwhelmed shows lack of control. At the same time, suppression of emotions showcases an inability to be optimistic. Keeping a balance is important.

Switching off our phones and turning to the sky to gaze at the stars instead of our screens can also be considered a change.

Whether small or big, try changing something in yourself, something about yourself.

Having knowledge and applying it in our daily life are two different things. Many of us know a lot, but fail to routinely make use of that knowledge. A simple example: We all know anger is bad for inner peace, yet we put little effort into controlling it.

We know that losing control of our emotions is a drawback to becoming successful; still, we don’t do anything about it because meditation is boring, right? Well, not so much — all it takes is patience, which admittedly is hard to find these days.

Some changes are of a kind that we don’t even realize when they have occurred. People around us acknowledge that change and bring it to our attention, yet we find it difficult to believe them because it seems absurd.

Not knowing what changed and learning about it from someone else always makes the other person seem a little crazy. Accepting such changes becomes overwhelming, but they are equally important to acknowledge.

Not all change will go according to our will. Some just come in a click and leave us astonished. Some come and go unnoticed. But the one thing they have in common is the way they impact us.

Change always teaches us something new and helps us to grow. Learning the fact that growing up is a lifetime act and not restricted to a certain age is something we all should understand — the sooner, the better.

If we bring these minor changes into our lifestyle, then we will start agreeing on the fact that change is beautiful.

Bringing out these changes is not always going to be an easy task, but who doesn’t like taking a risk? Right?

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