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Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life for the Better
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Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life for the Better


Wellness and lifestyle have a significant impact on your life, and implementing sustainable healthy habits will have you leading a happier and healthy living in no time.

A few small changes can lead to overall wellness. They can impact your body in a very positive way, from feeling stronger physically and mentally, to having more energy, to getting better quality sleep.

Here are a few some simple habits that will change your life for the better:

Spend at least one hour a day outside

Some fresh air and (when possible) sunshine can do wonders. Make it a point to spend at least one hour a day out, whether it be on a walk, eating your lunch out, or playing at the park with your family. It can be all too easy to get caught up in the day to day activities, and taking the time to enjoy the outdoors is good for the mind and body.

Workout regularly

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Exercise is crucial for your mental and physical health, and regular training will change your life significantly. It will help improve your overall wellbeing, reduce your risk for disease and health challenges, benefit your mental health, reduce your stress levels, boost your energy levels, feel fit and confident, and much more. For those that don’t have much time and travel a lot, apps such as the 30 Day Fitness Challenge are beneficial for holding you accountable and also for following a fitness program and tracking your workouts.

Limit your screen time in the evening to improve sleep quality

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Many people find themselves always on a screen throughout the day for work. Therefore, the evening is the time we’re making an effort to limit or eliminate your screen time can make a big difference in terms of your sleep quality and quality of life in general. The blue light from screens tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime, making it much more challenging to get quality sleep in. Rather than winding down with television or social media every night, opt for a walk, chat with a loved one, reading, stretching, meditating, or enjoying your time doing something else you like.

Learn to balance life and work correctly and in a healthy manner

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We see more about the importance of a healthy work-life balance these days, and learning to balance the two well and in a healthy way is crucial. While there will always be times when one may need to take priority, learning how to create boundaries between life and work will make for a happier and healthier life for both you and your loved ones. A said, but challenging action is to practice implementing not taking your work home. Both are working once you’ve signed off for the evening and bringing the stress and talk of work into time with your loved ones.

Learn how to take criticism constructively and not always on a personal level


Criticism is a part of life in one way or another, and learning how to make it constructively and not still on a personal level will significantly impact your mental health and own confidence. Be honest with what you are working towards and your personal growth, and take criticism with open ears when appropriate but with the proper boundaries.

Spend more time with family

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At the end of the day, and what many people look back on their life saying is that time with family is #1. So make it a point to spend more time with family, dedicate time and energy towards enriching your relationships, and create memories with your loved ones.

Take time for yourself and yourself only (e.g., self-care)

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Self-care is an essential part of life. And while a great way to practice self-care for some, it doesn’t always mean drawing yourself a bath or going to a workout class. Sometimes it means taking some alone time, believing in yourself, creating boundaries, making yourself a healthy meal, and taking care of your mental health.

Try meditating

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Even 10 minutes a day of meditation can make a drastic difference in your mental and physical health. Meditation is a practice. therefore it does take the training. That being said, many find themselves especially thankful for committing to their meditation practice during trying times. You can, for example, try guided meditation available on apps, focus on your breathing and calming your mind in peace, or attending a meditation class.

Walk as much as possible


Walking is a low impact form of movement and exercise that gets your blood pumping. It is a great way to reduce stress, spend time catching up with a friend or family member, or listen to an audiobook or podcast on the go. Incorporate walks into your days as often as possible, such as before you start getting ready for work, during your short break at work for some sunshine and fresh air, and after your commute home to stretch those legs.

Cut back on processed foods and added sugar

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Processed foods and added sugar take a toll on your body and are addicting. Cutting back on these and instead nourish your body with healthy food for a significant change. It will boost your energy, improve your nutrition, and fuel your physical body and mental health.


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Be it regarding your career or for pleasure, reading always enriches the mind in some way. Create or join a book club, make a list of must-reads, download audiobooks, or join your local library to boost your book collection. Reading for pleasure as well as for educational purposes will enrich your life while encouraging you to keep learning and perhaps opening your eyes to something new you are passionate about.

Make to-do lists and don’t let your busy schedule swallow you

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To-Do lists keep you in the habit of reflecting on what your priorities are and creating a game plan to tackle them. A big part of this is discovering what types of planning and organizing are most effective for you. Some find it helpful to keep to-do lists on pen and paper, others on their phones with calendar synced slots, some hourly planner layouts, others weekly planner layouts, and some prefer a combination of all the above. Realistic self-reflection is the significant piece here, but once you nail down what makes you the most productive and how it is truly life-changing.

Keep a positive mindset, no matter how hard times get

This is easier said than done, but keeping a positive mindset can truly change your life. ‘Life happens’, but how you respond to challenges and minor/major events in your life is up to you. This can take some practice, so make an active effort to keep a positive mindset when times are good so that when hard times roll around, you have the mental strength and dedication to your mental health.

Have you adopted any of these (or other) practices in your life?

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